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Terrace (2020)

Point & Click Game
Programming (Unity C#)

Terrace is an narrative point & click game about a person who uses gardening to cope with the loss of someone dear to her.


Julia Synnatzschke - Art and Visual Design

Justin Ziemba - Narrative & Screenwriting

Mudassir Sheikh - Music and Sound Design


Terrace is an atmospheric narrative game about a protagonist coping with the loss of someone close to her. She feels disconnected from her surroundings. Her terrace is in disarray, full of dead plants and unused objects. Unexpected visitors like a stray cat and birds arrive and leave her seeds. Through planting these seeds and tidying up the space, the player can help her feel grounded and have a positive outlook on life once again.


Terrace was developed in C# using the Unity3D development platform. It was my first attempt at fully programming a game. Here are the main developments:

  • Movement and interaction system using the A* Pathfinding project.

  • Inventory system with categorization of items as seeds, plants and tools.

  • Application of inventory using Unity's UI system.

  • System for the passage of time and cycling between night and day, as well as rainy/sunny weather during the day.

  • System for the growth and harvesting of plants, integrated with the passage of time.

  • Implementation of dialogue UI integrated with Yarn Spinner, allowing for triggering events and branching paths.

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